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ABout Fragile World

Short and Simple.

This brand was officially created on January 13th 2020. What led me to create this brand was that I fell in love with the streetwear life. The formal but informal apparel in my eyes. The graphic images, the street art that can be warn, the cartoonish characters displayed, fell in love with all of it. 

There was always one problem with whatever I bought. The quality of the shirt, or the sweatshirt would never hold up. After wearing it once or twice, running them through the washer and dryer a few times, and boom the shirt held no value in my eyes. The sleeves had shrunk, the shirt faded in color, the image was peeling and overall it felt like a cheap shirt, and the only time I would wear it is under a sweatshirt where no one would see it. After two washes and the shirt went from holding meaning to becoming just a undershirt. I hated that. 

So I set out to make a brand that focused on quality. A company that focused on creating one of the best atmospheres for the street wear scene in Chicago. A brand that listened, gave back, and created events to feel connected to a bigger purpose in life. 

Our purpose is  not only to make high quality, and long lasting apparel, but also apparel that is almost walking art as every image is clean and pops. And the beauty of art is that it means so much to not only the people who created it, or the people who bought it, but also the people who see it as they are walking by. Our apparel not only holds value in the quality and durability in the making of it, but the art and meaning that is hidden inside each design.